Bellini Granite

Categories: Slabs Granite 

Color:  Crema 

Country:  Brazil 

Bellini Granite is a cream color granite. It is from Brazil. Bellini is popular in the construction area. Bellini is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Bellini granite originates from Brazil and features a distinctive medium-grained texture with an array of captivating colors. Its creamy white background is embellished with intricate patterns of brown, crimson, peach, black, and grey hues. While commonly classified as granite internationally, its categorization under the European Standard is pending clarification. Due to significant variations in veining and coloration, a small sample may not accurately represent the entire slab. Therefore, swatch samples are recommended for large projects to ensure uniformity, with blocks sourced from the same quarry face for optimal matching. During the polishing process, a transparent epoxy resin filler may be applied to address micro fissures or minor pitting.

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