Categories:  Quartzite 

Color:  Green 

Country:  Brazil 

da vinci quartzite

The history of DaVinci Quartzite dates back over 3 billion years. The rocks formed at that time were exposed to environmental elements like water and wind, making them some of the Earth’s earliest rocks.

Over a billion years, these rocks eroded, and their grains were transported to new locations, eventually forming sedimentary rocks. In what is now northern Bahia, a sedimentary basin began to take shape as the Earth’s crust split and created two new continents. This rift between the land eventually filled with water, resembling a shallow sea that collected sediments from rivers.

Over time, various geological events altered the rocks, raising and exposing them. This process led to the transformation of minerals and the development of secondary minerals like Fuchsite, which gives DaVinci Quartzite its distinct greenish tones we see today.

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