Crystal Blue

Categories: Slabs Granite 

Color:  Black, Blue 

Country:  China 

Crystal Blue Granite is a beautiful color granite from India. Crystal Blue Granite  is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Crystal Blue Granite is a remarkable natural stone hailing from China. This exquisite granite is characterized by its predominant blue hues, which span a spectrum from light to medium shades. The overall color tone may encompass variations, ranging from a gentle blue-gray to a more vivid and striking blue. Additionally, Crystal Blue Granite may feature subtle speckles or flecks in shades like gray, white, or black, introducing depth and captivating visual intrigue to the stone. This granite variety typically displays a consistent and uniform pattern, accentuated by small to medium-sized grains and crystals evenly distributed throughout its surface. Its unique characteristics make it a standout choice for a range of design applications.

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