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Should I use a marble countertop at home or not?

There are different sources talking about using or not marble in different areas of the home. So, let’s take a

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Why choose a granite countertop for your kitchen?

Are you thinking about a kitchen renovation or a new one? If you do, when comes to the countertop you should

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Stone or steel: Tips for choosing the best kitchen bench

There are a world of options for fitting out your kitchen bench. See some tips here.

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Repairing damage to granite countertops

Granite countertops have become an especially popular choice in homes due to their durability and appearance. But when this surface is damaged? What to do?

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250 tons quarry wall is brought down at Everest Export’s quary

When extracting the stone, diamond wire saws are used to make cuts in the quarry face, and then a Caterpillar

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