Multibreton TRIM – Automatic trimming line

Multibreton TRIM - Automatic trimming line

Automatic trimming line for natural stone slabs This line is engineered to offer high-speed machining and to be incorporated into a polishing line and is designed to work at the same speed as the polishing machines. Both longitudinal and horizontal trimming operations are in a single run and ideal for slabs with a thickness up to 30 mm. The horizontal trimmer consists of two cutting spindles which work in succession along the same cutting run resulting in a substantial increase in cutting speed. The two trimming systems are positioned in succession to one another, first the longitudinal and then the horizontal. They work simultaneously guaranteeing high-speed operations which do not in any way condition or affect the speed of the polishing machinepositioned downstream the line. The work cycle can be programmed and runs in automatic. The machines are fitted with a single control panel.

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