Diamond Wire Saw

Electric motor (40 hP/ 60 hP 4 Pole) connected to the 800mm Aluminium Casted Fly Wheel (Speed 400 rpm), is fitted directly to the Octogonal Oil Bath Gear Box Shaft which also carries two 300mm dia guide wheels.The Gear Box turns through 360° without moving the machine and the Fly Wheel shaft adjusts to make parallel cuts at minimum 1100 mm and maximum 1700 mm distance. Diamond wire travel speed is 25 to 40 meter/ second. These two guide wheels are positioned to guide the wire for any cutting directly and allow safe wire start up. Three rail tracks are included of length 2000 mm. each with quick couplings for rapid track laying. Small electric control panel is provided with overload fuses and over load relays for all motors, emergency stops on machine control panel.

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