Diamond Polishing Pad

It is applied to polish and grind the corner angle ,inside and outside arc of granite and marble, and it simple operated (Max speed 4500r/min, used by water-polishing machine).The discs in different color have different grit size.

Product Feature
for granite and for marble,each series are made of seven grit grade, they are used in variety steps: shaping, lapping and polishing.The grinding material has lattice-point polymerization arrangement make products have the feature of strong grinding force quality, high elasticity and hard to load at a time, it can extend the product usage life.
Product Specification/Models
Grit size: For granite:50# 150# 300# 500# 1000# 2000# 3000# DF (BUFF);For marble:50#,100#,200#,400#,800#,1500#,3000#;Color: Yellow Orange Red Green Blue Black Orange(BUFF)
Machine Speed: 1200-4500r/min .Pressure: 1-5kg/cm2 .Add water appropriately

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