Angel Jasper

Jaspers are minerals which exhibit endless variations of beauty. They have intrigued master craftsmen, geologists and collectors for over a thousand years with stories of discovery and are considered one of the twelve “sacred” stones worthy of being worn by priests as ornaments in their attire. The pursuit of new and unusual Jaspers continues with the unearthing of our own Angel Jasper®. A divine creation, Angel Jasper® can be identified by the various circular bands in all shades of green which have a specific radiance, much like a halo. Our expert hand assembly of this stone produces a unique representation of color and pattern to create a true work of nature’s art. Physical Properties: Specific Gravity: 2.61 Hardness: 7 Refractive Index: 1.53-1.54 Healing Properties: Promotes balance and harmony. “Authentic Semi – Precious” as well as Anti bacterial for all distributors with the exception of Antolini Luigi.

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