Fasani Celeste S.r.l.

With great determination, but also with cautious perspicacity and humility, with the help of his sons, he has been investing for years in the extraction and processing of marble, creating an absolutely reliable company, both in terms of professionalism and quality of products. Having started with Rosso Verona marble extraction in the municipality of Erbezzo, later the business expanded to the Stefani and Vallene quarries, in the Veronese municipality of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo.

At the moment, in the hope of being able to further increase production with permission for new quarrying facilities, Fasani Celeste s.r.l., beyond providing raw marble, is also specializing in processed products, such as material for covering, floor tiles and all materials used in building projects, using both standard materials and customized products for architects and professionals in the field

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