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Angle Milling Wheel - CNC Tools

Angel Milling Wheel is designed to achieve aggressive stock removal for drainboard job with

Brazed Finger Bit for CNC - CNC Tools

These CNC bits are designed for engineered stone and marble. Upgraded long life brazed bonds provide

Brazed Milling Wheel for CNC - CNC Tools

Extreme lifetime brazed milling wheel provides the correct thickness and size.


"Camming" mechanism to prevent slabs from breaking or slipping. Vulcanized rubber pads to prevent

CNC Tooling

CNC Adapters,   Cones, Core Bits, Dressing Stones,   Fingerbits, Gauging Wheels

CNC Tools

Synergy CNC Profiling tools provide superior result for any machines.

Core Drill Bit for CNC - CNC Tools

Core Drill Bit for CNC The premium metal bond insures that these sintered core drills are

Cup Wheel Grinding Cement and Granites

Specifications︰ Diamond cup wheel for grinding cement, granites, ceramic tiles. available diameter

Diamond Blades to Cut Granites

Turbo sintered continuous rim blades for cutting granites and sandstone. Thanks the blade

Diamond Blads

Diamond for marble, granite and natural stone.