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LZM 650 3+12T Polishing Machine

Grading machine / polishing machine for strips Polishing composition modular, extremely versatile

Ibis Macchine da taglio

CROSS Multiple automatic Squaring Machine independent spindles for processing strips of marble or

Diamond Wire Saw 11A-15A

Diamond Wire Saw 11A-15A Product Numbers:HSJ-11A/15A Product power:11/15

Single Blade Stone Cutting Machine

It uses standard casting iron and steel, brand-name appliances, bearings, motors, reducers and other

Vertical Horizontal Stone Cutting Machine

Vertical-horizontal Stone cutting Machine Product Numbers:HKSS-1200/1400 Product power:45/55

Levigatrice a Colonne (Manettone)

1. Diametro piatto                                         250mm 2. Corsa max.

Platinum-Edge CTB Edge Polisher

Platinum-Edge CTB

Platinum-Edge is an automatic multi-blade edge polisher with

Multibreton TRIM - Automatic trimming line

Automatic trimming line for natural stone slabs This line is engineered to offer high-speed

Speedycut FK/NC 800 - bridge saw

Speedycut FK/NC 800 - bridge saw for marble granite and compound stone

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