Travertini Paradiso SRL

Country:  Italy 

The journey of Travertini Paradiso commenced in the early 1900s, marking the onset of a century-long legacy. Rooted in the profound passion of a family for its homeland and its profound connection with the distinctive stone of the region, the company’s history embodies the timeless allure of nature’s simplicity and beauty. Across three generations, Travertini Paradiso has been instrumental in bringing forth an array of prestigious projects and products that have left an indelible mark on landscapes worldwide, championed by renowned architects. In the idyllic landscapes of Tuscany, the travertine takes on unique hues, captivating the imagination of visionary artists who translate their dreams into tangible realities. This corner of the world serves as a fertile ground where creativity flourishes, and the essence of Travertini Paradiso’s legacy continues to thrive.



Phone:  +39 0577 704040 

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